Forced Commitments

I don’t know why but it’s been hurting me a lot. The thought of all the careless words spoken in front of me. There’s no fairy tale in real world. It was just make believe illusions of childhood. In the real world everyone’s selfish. Everyone’s only thinking of themselves. Everyone is only thinking of their own comfort. Being nice is usually stupid. 

We don’t think how for our tiniest of needs we destroy someone else’s future. We don’t think of how for our little moments of glory we give someone else a lifetime of heartache. For settling our scores with our rivals we bring dozens of innocent bystanders in the middle of all the hatred and anger.

It’s all human nature. Yet in the end it’s also human nature to wish none of that happened. It’s human nature to wish for resolving all our conflicting emotions with all the people who caused them. Somewhere beyond all that ego and jealousy we want to find love and friendship that could make up for all those years lost committing to the forces of the real world.

Daily Post Prompt: Commit


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