The Fish Out Of The Water


I feel like I am at a crossroad in life. Because my place of living doesn’t really feel like my scene. I can’t adjust and I wonder if maybe I should take a risk and get myself out of the situation or let myself suffer in silence. It’s a huge risk because I don’t  know how it will be in new place. What if it turns out worst than it is now. But what if doing this takes me to a better place.

I think going to a better place would be too much to ask for. I hardly believe I can be that lucky. But right now I live in a place where I feel like a fish out of the water. I have been so patient and as nice as I probably could have been. Yet I feel like it isn’t enough. I can’t expect to change anyone I guess.

I just think my present environment is affecting me too much. Yet I’m so scared to do anything, that would make my situation worse. I just wish I could run away from it all.



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