That Dangerous Thing Called Slander

There are things that I wish I could forget. Things that I wished never happened or ever happen with anyone. But they do happen. And they leave painful scars on our soul. They leave us with experience. They leave us with life lessons. And they leave us stronger once we’ve survived the storm.

But upto the point we’ve survived the storm, while we’re still into the storm fighting is the hardest part. When we still don’t know if we’ll survive the storm. We’re looking backwards to the innocent times and fighting and wondering why they had to end. And we’re looking forward to all the shattered dreams and wondering if they’ll recover when the fight’s over.

There was a time when I didn’t care about people and what they thought or said. And I didn’t miss anyone in my life. But then my life got twisted suddenly. Because there were twisted words and betrayal. Something I realized a lot later in life. Because at that point I just wondered why were all of those things happening in the first place.

So there came a time when I survived the twisted tongues and minds. I escaped. The experience taught me to be an escapist. And I was a survivor. And everyday I try untwisting my life as the after effects of really painful events haunt me.

But as I look through life and I hear, I see a changed point of view in myself. I don’t believe anything unless I know it for sure. I don’t judge anyone unless I have experienced them for myself and have first hand information. Because the world is filled with twisted tongues and twisted minds. And being just in this world means effort. It means more than believing an opinion just because its popular. And the meaning of it is nothing simple.

Weekly Discover Challenge: Open Minded


4 thoughts on “That Dangerous Thing Called Slander

  1. Life is unfair and people incorrigible! But you have grown as a person, a better one for sure. Like in a garden, you have weeds, there will be people with blue hearts, keep yourself away from them…keep smiling and write more:)

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