The Warm Winds Of Spring Evenings


There were those days, the tiring school days. Waking up early in the morning, hurrying up to go to school, working and studying, getting pushed around. Coming back home and home works, studies in my quite dark room and of course getting pushed around.

Sounds tiring. It was tiring. And I kept wondering if days like this that I’d been living like since kindergarten would ever end. When things would be different. My schedule would be different. I could live my own life not feeling like it belonged to somebody else.

And there were the breaks the times when we’d get a break from endless piles of homework and exams and studies. The time when  there would be time to look out the window, smell the breeze, go out during evenings, the smell of the grass and the trees. The spring wind of the evening after the tiring final exams.

I didn’t even have to do something to have fun. It was enough just to stand outside and watch the trees the noise of the leaves moving from that wind. Enjoying the good time before the results when the new school session starts and it all starts over again.

And as those tiring days went on and got worse they numbed those feelings and took me to race against time. I kept trying to hold on as it all slipped out of my hand and my mind. And I kept looking back as it all ended and came the time to look forward to a new beginning.

Daily Post Prompt: Wind


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