The Wrongly Punished


You can’t judge a book by its cover. Because if you do you’ll misjudge. The world’s full of stereotypes and prejudice. And people who follow them blindly. The real world with all the truth hidden behind the sugar coated lies. There’s no telling who’s what underneath. They can be anything. They can be good or they could be evil.

In a world where no one can be trusted everyone veils themselves in covers trying to portray themselves as what’s accepted by the society they live in. Everyone wears a mask. Everyone’s a stranger. No one knows what to do. And most don’t even try doing anything. A country’s law is what might be considered the definition of right by many but the real world’s right and wrong are a lot more complicated than that.

And there are good people who might be imprisoned because they broke the law to do the right thing and were punished while the evil ones could be freely roaming because they can wear their masks so well. But maybe just like the complicated definition of right, winning also has a complicated definition.

Daily Post Prompt: Punishment


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