The Town Left Behind


It was the town that I made my home. It was the town where I felt the happiest. It was the town where I found love and friends. It was the town I thought I never could hate. It was the town I never wanted to leave. But I was young so I didn’t realize a lot of things. But I guess that the thing when we’re young and innocent and no one has our back, we don’t realize what’s true and what’s not when no one cares enough to tell.

So there I was after a few years and it became the town where I felt like a stranger.It was a town which was filled with lies and it was the town where love and friends were lost.Well it’s not easy to let go something you loved so much and I had grown up to realize everything wrong with that town. I thought I would never hate it, but now living there was tolerating the intolerable and now I knew it was for the best to leave that town behind.

Change is never easy. And I think I did everything I could to hold onto it even when things started becoming bad for the first time. I kept thinking maybe this is temporary, maybe it will be better but after everything that has happened I don’t think I would ever be able to see that town in the same way ever again.

So I think maybe it’s time for me to say goodbye. It’s time for me to let it go. All those places and all those people, with all it’s bad and all of the great times.

Discover Challenge: The Things We Leave Behind


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