Juma Tul Wida


It’s Juma Tul Vida – the last Friday of Ramadan in India tomorrow. Fridays are special days in any month of the calendar for Muslims. And Ramadan is the most special month out of all those months. Making Juma Tul Vida the most special Friday of all Fridays.

The month of Ramadan is the special month of countless blessings from Allah(SWT) and the last Friday of it is the special Friday of countless Blessings. It’s a day to offer Salat, read the holy Quran and go to the mosque and pray as much as possible so as to collect as much of those countless blessings as possible. The month of Ramadan is difficult but it’s more rewarding than any other month.

With Ramadan coming to an end I feel like for me its not been entirely regretless. In the beginning of Ramadan I hoped to make most of Ramadan but I may have been careless here and there. There would be some things to regret and I hope Allah(SWT) forgives me for them, Insha Allah.  It’s been rainy in India so next week we would all be searching for the new moon of Id-Ul-Fitr in the clouds. But there would be so much of these days of the rewarding month of Ramadan to miss when they’re over.

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4 thoughts on “Juma Tul Wida

    1. Yes, kinda. Depends on how many family and friends we have living around. Because few days before Eid everyone starts preparing all sorts of food and doing all the shopping. Also Eid is celebrated for 3-4 days so everyone’s visiting everyone on these days. And it’s a lot of fun.

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