Dropped Year and Going to College Year


When I finished high school last year I had no idea how to deal with my life choices that where ahead of me. The high school experience can be so depriving and traumatic and my life was so messed up. Dropping a year seemed like a good move back then. And honestly it did have some good to it as well as bad.

The good was that I finally came to the conclusion that I didn’t want to continue with science. Cause even though I wasn’t bad at it, it was a lot of hardwork. And recent years of my life had been so stressful that I felt I needed some burden lifted off my shoulders. Plus I felt like I always had love for arts/ humanities subjects yet I only took science cause of It’s reputation and my family.

Now to the bad. When I dropped the year I had no idea what I was going to do with my year. And I feel like it drove me crazy to have spent an entire year locked up in my house not having anything to do or anywhere to go. I really really feel like dropping a year needs to be very well planned out cause the deprivation of the free time might just be really sickening and maddening.

Now to the present. So I started applying to universities 3 months ago. Now I can’t say its not stressful its really stressful atleast for me it is. Out of 5 universities I applied I haven’t heard back from 2 both really hard to get into and one of them being my first choice. 1 of them I didn’t get into but it was no surprise. And 2 of them I heard from and got selected for admission ( cause the Indian college admission system relies on entrance exams and merit lists) .

So Yay! I’ll be off to college in a month. Away from the deprivation of my prison home for the first time in my life. I’ll have my freedom soon . I’m so nervous and excited ( like I said stressful) all day long nowadays. I’ve been watching college advice videos on YouTube and making my dorm room checklist. Oh and yes my major. I’ll be going for an English lit major as my first choice but I’ve also got geography major on my mind. Well we’ll see what happens.

Daily Post Prompt: Deprive


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