If You Cared


I’m here all alone
Suffering in silence
Feeling so burdened
Living so stressed.

I keep giving you chances
And you keep taking my chances
Did you ever try to understand
You were manipulated against me.

You’re way too nice all the times
But my life is good no time
You’re being outsmarted
And I’m being outnumbered.

Why did you never doubt
Why did you never try to find out
Life’s not so black and white
Life’s mostly in shades of gray.

You never made me feel trusted
How could it never occur to you
Doesn’t something feel wrong
When something’s so wrong.

I’m tired of being a rescuer
I should’ve let you go long ago
It was a voyage of discovery
When I was left so lonely.

I’m giving out benefits of doubt
But from now on I won’t stick around
I guess you could have only seen
If you really cared enough for me.

Daily Post Prompt: Voyage


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