The Natural Instincts

poem-leisure-10-728I first read this poem in my 6th grade English literature class and I loved it instantly.Cause everything in this poem is what I longed for and still do. It’s like whenever you read one of these poems you visualize it from the poet’s point of view, the beauty of it and it make you long for it so much.

When i got into high school there were some pretty annoying kids in my class who said things like “This is so boring”. And I would be like “Are you kidding me? How shallow can you get?”. Well i wish I didn’t ask cause people I met were about to get worse. I guess they were too much into snobbery and this poem could very well be for them.

I think it’s a natural instinct for people to be drawn to natural beauty, to love and to goodness.It’s the natural instinct of humanity everyone is born with. Its materialism that draws one the other way. The more a person tries to fit into the material world the more they tend to lose their natural instincts. And it’s how the depth in a person is replaced by shallowness.

Daily Post Prompt: Natural


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