Growing Up Into Harsh Realities


The world can be such a complicated place and coming to an understanding with it can lead to unveiling of so many harsh realities for everyone. The unveiling can be a really hard part to accept sometimes.

For me it was quite a shocker since I didn’t just unveiled the harsh realities of outside world but of my own family. I found out how some of the people in my family weren’t the good people they pretended to be. Now coming to an understanding with that was so unbelievable. It made me feel I’ve been fooled ever since I was born. Like I grew up with their lies and it was a frightening betrayal.

But the irony to the unbelief is that when I really think about it, it really explains a lot of things. And even though I feel like I still can’t process how this could have happened ( cause I don’t even care and honestly all I want now is to get away from it ) it gave me a better understanding of life.

Daily Post Prompt: Understanding


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