What’s wrong with you?


It was my first time
In a big city in life
Where I thought I’d discover
All that city wonder.

What I didn’t know
Were the dangers
And you lived right there
With cruelties hidden under.

I was so naive and young
That I didn’t understand
All of your plottings
Like they were just games.

And I think seriously
What’s wrong with you
People aren’t your toys
And you ain’t the king .

You act so conceited
But you look so disturbed
In that big city you
Always look so cornered.

You think your illusions
And all of your coercions
Would keep people scared
Into not stealing your thunder.

And I keep thinking seriously
What’s wrong with you
You’re acting unreasonable
For some unknown reason.

You might have your parents
With their enormous power
But how are you so proud
When you live like a burden.

Does it feel really good
To destroy young dreams
And to force them to live
With all your perversions.

You act like a sociopath
You need to see a doctor
And finally I can see that
Something’s seriously wrong with you .


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