The Beginning of the Holy Month of Ramadan


Today begins the holy month of Ramadan in India. And it’s the beginning of a month long fasting from dawn to dusk for Muslims around the world.

The month of Ramadan is very special and different from the rest of the year for muslims. It’s the month in which we live our lives differently from the way we normally do . It’s a time when we try to be a better version of ourselves .

It’s a month where our daily schedule of things changes. It’s when we try to live with more simplicity,humility and patience.It’s a month where we live the way a person of limited means would live so that we learn to be grateful.It’s the month that gives us another chance to doing the right thing in life and form a closer connection with Allah(SWT).

I have had my non Muslims acquaintances ask me if it was very difficult to fast for a month but honestly it has become such an integral part of my life that I can’t imagine not doing it. I feel like it’s a month that turns me into a wiser person every year . It teaches me to be grateful for what I have .

My biggest goal during the blessed month of  Ramadan is to make the most of it and I hope I succeed in my goal. Insha Allah.

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