All you ever loved was yourself

Hey, you know what I felt
At the first sight of you
It wasn’t love that I felt
It was a benefit of doubt
To what looked like trouble

And trouble it really was
Yet I felt sympathetic
And didn’t hurt you
Even though you were
Always acting so pathetic

But what I didn’t know
Was that you were all that
And you thought my politeness
Wasn’t because of my kindness
But because you were a highness

And you were condescending me
But frankly what you didn’t know
Was how it was disgusting me
And you kept intimidating me
To stop me from achieving dreams

Obviously you wanted revenge
I was your type of mean person
Was what you thought of me
So stop projecting shallowness
On others for your stupid choices.

I let my guard down and let you in
But you bought the worst on me so
I might be angry by your betrayal
But getting rid of you was
Like an answer to a prayer.

And if you still think I want you
I advise you to admit defeat
And have some dignity cause
I tried to give a damn about you
But all you ever loved was yourself.

Daily Post Prompt: Angry


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