Be yourself

If you could give one advice to your 15 year old self what would it be?


I heard this question asked in an interview once. And that got me thinking what advice would I give to my 15 year old self.

In the beginning I couldn’t think of just one advice cause life can be so complicated sometimes. I would actually need some really long letters to advise my younger self. I was actually so overwhelmed and confused at 15. I had low self esteem and no confidence in myself and my abilities. I always saw other people as being right about everything. Everyone could do everything better than me . And I would keep wondering why I couldn’t.

I was so insecure about everything.I was an epitome of insecurity .And I would undermined myself so much. I wanted to be like others that I thought were better than me.
I tried so much not acting like my own self that I think now I have forgotten how to act like myself.
And that makes me wish someone gave me the advice to be myself.

So if I could give one advice to my 15 year old self I would tell her to Be yourself.

Daily Post Prompt: Epitome


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