Memories Of Forgotten Childhood Dreams


I remember, I remember
From the childhood days
Those things that I wanted
Back when I thought of life
To be like a fairytale.

I had dreams, the dreams
Of all those beautiful things
Which I thought were never ending
And planned all those good plans
In order to make a difference. 

But then came a raging storm
And there was no choice
But for the battles to be fought
And I was scared as scared as hell
When I felt tired all the time as well.

The terror of it gave me a heartache
And turned me into a sceptic
The pain would never go away
Kept longing for freedom and friends
Waiting return of the normal days.

Years later when normal got forgot
I look through those old diaries
Which make me feel old feelings
And it reminds me what used to be
Memories of forgotten childhood dreams.


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