The Power Of Words

Words can be a powerful source of influence. They can influence someone’s beliefs, their personality and their lifestyle. They can be used to instigate and they can be used to console.

I feel like words had such a powerful influence on me. All the books, stories and poems that I read all the singing that I heard. I got to choose what words I like which helped me choose where I belong. At times when I felt I couldn’t understand my life and what I wanted words made me understand things.

The words of not anyone close by but words from different lands and different times. Words that broke the barriers and gave me the option to how I wanted to live and who I wanted to be. And words that made me feel lesser lonely in this confusing world.

Daily Post Prompt: Sing


2 thoughts on “The Power Of Words

    1. Words are truly influencial. I’m a huge fan of reading myself so are my siblings. And my friend could actually tell the difference in our personalities from our different choice of genres and writers on our bookshelves.

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