Stone Walls And Iron Bars

Stone walls do not prison make,nor  iron bars a cage – Laplace. 


The lines feel very relatable cause even though I’m not in a prison with iron bars yet I feel imprisoned and caged. My life always was in someone else’s control and I was  chasing someone else’s definition of success. My dreams were secondary to me first came the people pleasing. Being that since childhood I never really knew what normal was. Not sure if I still do.

My entire life has been full of imaginations and day dreams which would keep going on and on  like Walter mitty until they were interrupted by nagging and patronizing.


I dream of freedom often, going off on an adventure, travelling mountains and oceans in ships, trains and aeroplanes. Go everywhere and see everything.

I’ll be going to college this year and for the first time in my life I’ll be on my own and I’ll be able to break free from the control. Change can be a scary thing. Breaking from that control and going on a quest to finding myself and answers to my questions. Do dreams come true?


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